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Here at 7House our business goal is simple; to help our clients win public sector work in a sustainable way. We have refined our approach to provide 3 core offerings…


  • We support clients in understanding the public sector and identify areas of reform.
  • We then play these areas of reform back to our clients as business development opportunity.
  • Often we review this opportunity against the service or product sets of our clients and amend accordingly to directly maximise the reform opportunity.
  • Once refined to then take these offerings to the public sector market often requiring senior sales messaging.

The key areas we cover are:
We provide support and advice on developing new strategies for core and non core markets. Our aim is to develop sustainable growth in order to drive businesses forward.
Providing solutions to a businesses sales force requirements, including skill gap analysis, profiling, recruitment and training. All designed to ensure a successful sales team in order to underpin business growth.
Starting with sales team assessment, we review the entire process including pipeline, forecasting, tactical methodologies, existing contracts and current routes to market.
Implementation of specific sales activities that may be required and/or development of individuals, including pipeline rigour and specific tactical initiatives to include new target acquisition and account development.
Our experienced consultancy team has created a proven 7House methodology for transforming underperforming sales teams and strategies. Built around three stages: review, assessment & solutions; design & build and; tactical delivery.
Using our 7House data-mining tool, we can assist in assessing and defining new market opportunities and developing key strategies to aid channel distribution.


  • We support sales teams in the field, working together on tactical support to deliver tangible outputs (i.e. ‘meetings with purpose’).
  • We support sales teams who require hands on support in focussing their efforts to deliver monthly outputs (i.e. reducing the ‘busy fool’ mentality).
  • Supporting senior management who wish underperforming accounts and frameworks to be maximised post mobilisation.
  • Creating sustainable leads sources and optimising pipelines.

The key areas we cover are:
Improving sales force productivity via the implementation of key objectives, incentive schemes and structured interface with operational functions within a business.

Enhancing new business and key client account management through the use of structured reviews, strategic plans and a 12-month optimisation plan.
7House has developed proven ways to improve the accuracy of sales pipeline management and sales forecasting. Often at Board level and working with senior management we create simple structures that easily identify and track ‘real’ opportunity.
Developing the senior team using step change growth management in order to support long term business planning and growth strategies. Assessing key strengths and capabilities, leading to the implementation of planning programmes encompassing new product development, routes to market and distributions tactics.


  • Providing advanced and current visibility of relevant and focussed opportunities.
  • Supporting sales teams on how to effectively qualify in/out; obtain meetings with decision makers; effectively present to decision makers; as well as supporting with the writing of tender specifications.
  • Delivering on all elements of the bid writing phase from pre-bid.
  • Optimising failing public sector agency frameworks where little or no revenues have been generated.

The key areas we cover are:
Using our pipeline Visibility tool Contracts Advance, we are able to track both current tenders and advanced opportunities.
15 of our 7House consultants are built for this phase – we work under the colours of our clients to optimise the process of arranging meetings with decision makers sitting behind procurement and then, once achieved, how to effectively manage these meetings.
We offer a full spectrum service for bid writing – from a fully resourced in/out sourcing solution through to supporting clients with a specific ITT sense check on a must win bid. Project management of bids through to enriching of specific content and working as part of a team due to ‘bid spike’ are what we do day in day out. Our work sees us supporting on bids ranging from £70k to £700m.
So often frameworks are won to great fan fare and expense, only to find that two years later little or no revenue has been generated and the senior team are asking the question: why did we waste time and resource? At 7House we are well versed at working alongside account development teams to breathe innovative and sustainable life back in to these situations and ensure revenues are being generated.

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Key Sector Knowledge

We solely support private sector clients to win work from either the commercial and/or public sector. Our proven team have subject matter expertise in the following sectors:

  • Professional Services
  • Recruitment
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Digital Media & Print
  • Management Consultancy
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Healthcare & Social Care
  • Education
  • Financial Markets
  • Leisure
  • Utilities
  • Central Government
  • Local Government
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